Meaning and Definition of Meckel diverticulum

What do you understand by the medical term ‘Meckel Diverticulum?’ It is nothing but an unusually formed sack or a pouch, which develops in weak spots surrounding your intestine. The weak spot in your intestinal tract is otherwise known as the diverticulum.Quite a lot of people develop some kind of diverticulum or the other, as age advances. While in unfortunate circumstances, certain people are born with a diverticulum in their intestines. And this is known as the Meckel Diverticulum. As the diverticulum is present right at the time of birth, Meckel’s diverticulum is also known as a congenital disorder.Meckel’s Diverticulum usually develops between the 5th and 7th week of your fetal development.As this is a birth-related disorder, it is hard for anyone to gauge the list of reasons or causes as to why people are born with a diverticulum in their intestines. Now moving on to the symptoms, diagnosis and the way, Meckel’s Diverticulum is being treated.

Symptoms pertaining to Meckel’s Diverticulum

Usually the diverticulum present in the new born are made up of intestinal cells. In which case, the Meckel’s diverticulum functions as normal and you are able to lead an active life. If the diverticulum is made up of stomach or pancreatic cells, you may experience significant symptoms in your body likeInflammation of your intestinesBloody or tarry stools, while bleeding happens near the rectal areaIntestinal blockage or what is called as an intestinal obstructionMild or severe pain, leading to discomfort, especially near your belly areaAnemia, on account of loss of blood both via internal bleeding as well as excretion andNausea coupled with vomiting

Diagnosis of Meckel’s Diverticulum

These are the diagnostic evaluations, you will be put through, if your doctor suspects a case of Meckel’s Diverticulum. And they are

Blood test

Your blood samples are taken to find out the RBC count. If the count is too low, then a case of intestinal bleeding is pretty evident.

Stool smear test

In addition to a blood test, your doctor might order for a stool smear test. Your stools are analyzed, just to see if they contain blood.

Technetium scan

A special variant of a dye is injected into your veins to detect how severe the pouches or sacks formed within your intestinal wall are. And the camera fitted technetium device also lets your doctor confirm the presence of a Meckel’s Diverticulum.

Treatment options involved

Just in case, the Meckel’s Diverticulum does not cause any significant symptoms, then a surgery may not be required.In case of heavy internal bleeding or blood present in your stools, a surgery might be required to remove the diverticulum. The intestines are then repaired using innovative surgical procedures.If the intestinal tract is also equally damaged, the doctor might remove the diseased or the infected portion of your intestine.

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