Learn more about Umbilical or Incisional Hernias

Definition of Incisional Hernia

As you all know, a hernia occurs when you see a protruding bulge or tissue squeezing itself through a weaker spot, in a surrounding muscle or a connecting tissue.

An incisional hernia occurs through the scar of a previous surgery, due to an incompletely or badly healed surgical wound. In other words, you might have had an intestinal or liver surgery in the past and might have had a wound infection or delay in wound healing you are likely to develop an incisional hernia at this scar. Thus the intestine or abdominal contents will push itself through this scar or hernia and will be visible as a bulge

Incisional Hernia surgery kochi

Definition of Umbilical Hernia

In an umbilical Hernia, abdominal contents will push themselves through the naval area, in other words, your belly button. Though this type of Hernia is common among new born, the hernia also affects adults mostly women who are obese or have had multiple pregnancies.

Umbilical Hernia surgery kochi

Strangulated Hernia

Sometimes, the contents of the hernia may get entrapped inside the hernia sac and loose their blood supply. In such a situation, the patient will experience severe abdomen pain and fever along with other symptoms like vomiting. This needs emergency admission to the hospital and if it doesn’t resolve fast an emergency surgery will be needed to tackle the hernia and the contents.

Causes for Incisional Hernia/ Umbilical Hernia

  • Obesity

  • Multiple pregnancies

  • Improperly healed surgical wound – due to wound infection, or any other postoperative complication

  • Excess coughing

  • Any form of straining of abdominal muscles in the postoperative period – like chronic constipation , difficult urination

  • Smoking

  • Umbilical infection immediately after birth – might lead to a weakening of the umbilical scar

Symptoms for Incisional and Umbilical Hernia

  • A visible protrusion or bulge in the naval area or previous surgical scar – more prominent while walking around or during cough
  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal distension
  • Nausea/ Vomiting
  • Constipation

Diagnosis of an Umbilical / Incisional Hernia

A thorough history and physical examination will allow your clinician to make a diagnosis in most cases. In a few very occasions, you would need a few tests to support the diagnosis of an umbilical or incisional hernia

  • X rays
  • X rays of the abdomen will show if have any evidence of bowel obstruction as a result of the hernia.
  • Ultrasound and CT Scan abdomen
  • Ultrasound and CT scan of abdomen may be needed in doubtful cases, particularly in obese patients to detect the exact site of the hernia and look for evidence of intestinal obstruction.

Treatment for Umbilical Hernia

Umbilical Hernias among infants automatically get fixed by the time they are 3 or 4 years old. However adults will require surgery to correct the­ problem. During surgery the contents of the hernia or pushed into the abdomen and gap is muscle is repaired. If the gap is small, just a few stitches may be needed to repair the defect. Otherwise the surgeon will use a net like synthetic material called ‘mesh’ to close the defect. Laparoscopic surgery is the trend these days and is associated with less pain and short recovery time.

Treatment for Incisional Hernia

The principles of surgery are similar to Umbilical hernia. Small and medium sized incisional hernias can be dealt with by laparoscopy but large incisional hernias might require open surgery to correct the hernia. Sometimes a procedure called abdominoplasty might be needed to deal with large hernias and lot of loose skin.

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